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We have a page that gives you all the policy information on one place. It covers shipping, returns, privacy and terms. Click here for our POLICY and SHIPPING information page.

Ordering Topical Anesthetics online is for *Licensed Professionals Only*. If you are a collector, please contact your tattoo artist and have them order the best product for your procedure.

Using your credit card or PayPal is the best way to order. It is fast, safe and eliminates errors common with telephone orders. We will hold your order until payment arrives. SORRY, BUT WE DO NOT SHIP C.O.D. DELIVERIES.

When using a credit card, please verify that your credit card billing address information is correct. Incorrect information can cause the charge to be rejected. If you are using a credit card issued in a country outside the USA, please make sure that your card can be used internationally. READ MORE…

Yes we have multiple tools and guides to choosing the right anesthetic. See screenshot below with notes.


This anesthetic selection feature can be used to help you “drill down” to finding the right match of anesthetic. Select from the list the features/attributes you are looking for in an item. Each time you select a filter the page will display all the items that match that criteria. You can keep selecting more than one filter at a time to narrow down an item that has a match to the criteria you are looking for. (The number to the right shows you how many items are matching the features/attributes. If you want to start over with fresh palette of selections use the green “Reset All Filters” button. Then you can start again with new filter selections. We also have a chart showing which anesthetic to choose based on its features. Click here to view out chart.

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