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Dermal Source Inc., was formed in 2004 in order to continue and expand the anesthetic selections available for the tattoo, cosmetic and aesthetic fields. Prior to its incorporation in my home state of Oregon, I was Vice President of Face and Body Professionals in California, where I was responsible for developing legal, safe and effective anesthetic products that had previously only been available through compounding physicians.

With the help of numerous professionals, most notably John Rawson of Flanders Pharmacy in Portland, I grew Dermal Source from a small niche business to the international operation it is today.

Confidence in our products has come from our working with only FDA manufacturing facilities that have the highest GMP ratings available.

Whether it is our name or yours on the label, we have confidence that the products we sell are the best available anywhere. We continually strive to meet that goal, no matter what the product.

We all have a stake in this industry’s high standards. I have over 20 years experience in anesthetic product development and over 30 years as owner and operator of Dermigraphics, LLC, a tattoo studio offering custom work, permanent makeup and medical tattooing, which has proven to be a good testing facility for how products work in the real world.

If a product doesn’t perform to the highest level possible in the tattoo shop, it doesn’t make it into our catalogue. You have my word on it.

Mary Jane Haake – President

Our History

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