Sterile Wash 7oz wholesale (12 units)

Sterile Wash 7oz wholesale (12 units)

All natural, safe, sterile, saline-free spray wash. The bag-in-can technology avoids chemical propellants. Safe for use on eyes.


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Bio Med Wash is an all-natural, sterile first aid wash, and the first product that replaces saline solution for washing abrasions, cuts and lacerations.

The only ingredient in Bio Med Wash is the company’s trade secret Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water. The pH-balanced water is naturally pure, non-allergenic, 100% safe for external application, environmentally friendly, and a proven natural moisturizer for skin and eyes.

A decade of research has revealed Bio Med Wash as the most effective and safe first aid wash for skin and eyes.

Can Bio Med Wash be used to flush eyes?

Yes. Bio Med Wash is 100% safe for use for eye irriation.

What are the advantages of a saline-free first aid wash?

Saline (salt) is an additive that makes water heavy and is deydrating to human surfaces. Salt can sting when applied to wounds. Pure water, without additives, is light water. The lighter, cleaner the water, the more easily it is absorbed by the skin. Bio Med Wash is a tissue-culture grade water clinically proven to absorb into human tissues more deeply and beneficially than other waters.

How long may Bio Med Wash be safely stored?

Bio Med Wash has a shelf life of four years. Although the container is designed to help insulate the water from extreme temperature variations, the product should not be stored in termatures below freezing or above 120 degrees F.

This product is available for purchase by the public.

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