*PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be a licensed professional to purchase these products.

Dermal Source offers several unique products, which when applied separately or in conjunction with another, greatly reduce pain and aid the professional in producing the type of work desired. Our customers want to receive their procedures with a minimum of physical discomfort. Whether performing a tattoo, permanent makeup, or other pain sensitive procedure, the need for safe, effective topical anesthetics is increasing.

Not sure which anesthetic is the one for your procedure? See our Anesthetic Selection Guide for selecting anesthetics. With seven anesthetics to choose from, we have the perfect product for your procedure. This chart is a great source of information, but if you have further questions, our experienced sales staff will be happy to help you. Please use the Contact form, or call our toll-free number: 1-866-568-3223.

TIPS: How to maximize your anesthetics performance

To date, no topical anesthetics are specifically FDA approved for use in permanent cosmetics or tattooing. Use of such products is considered off label use.The FDA does not regulate the end-use of a specific OTC product. Users of OTC drugs (whether health care or other licensed professionals) necessarily take on the obligation of using them properly.

  • Blue Gel (1 oz)

    *For Licensed Professionals Only

    Blue Gel is a 1oz gel anesthetic that contains a vascular constrictor to reduce swelling and bleeding during procedures. It is a powerful anesthetic that is SAFE FOR USE IN ALL TYPES OF BROKEN SKIN PROCEDURES. It is NOT a pre-procedure deadener and ineffective when applied to intact skin. However, it is incredibly powerful when used after outlining a tattoo, after using the Derm Ease G2 Roller, after the intial pass on a permanent makeup procedure, and during or following electrolysis or other painful procedures to desensitize the area for completion of work.

  • Zone 2 (1 oz) – Exp 10/22

    *For Licensed Professionals Only

    Zone 2 is a 1oz gel anesthetic that contains a vascular constrictor to reduce swelling and bleeding during procedures. It is safe for use around the eyes, although care should be taken to avoid getting it in the eyes or mouth. This product is for relief of discomfort due to anorectal disorders, or in preparation for other pain sensitive procedures such as permanent makeup.

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