Topical Tattoo Anesthetics

  • Zone 1 – wholesale (12 units)

    *For Licensed Professionals Only

    Zone 1 is packaged in a 1/2 oz tapered-tip bottle for ease of use BEFORE eyeliner procedures.

  • Zone 2 – 7ml singles – wholesale

    *For Licensed Professionals Only

    A Wholesale order quantity of “1” contains 12 grouped packets and is equal to a total of 300 quantity of 7ml singles.

    (12 group/packets x 25 = 300)

  • Zone 2 – wholesale (12 units)

    *For Licensed Professionals Only

    Zone 2 is a 1 oz gel anesthetic that contains a vascular constrictor to reduce swelling and bleeding during procedures. It is pH 7, so is safe for use around the eyes, although care should be taken to avoid getting it in the eyes or mouth. This product is for relief of discomfort due to anorectal disorders, or in preparation for other pain sensitive procedures such as permanent makeup.

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